Face Mask - Original Fitted Style


Face masks are an essential accessory for us all now  They might as well be fun!

NEW! We are now offering sizes: standard and large.  Kid sizes can also be made, but you'll have to email us about that for now.

The T U T E L A  fitted mask is a double layer of soft, 100% cotton. There is a slot to add an extra filter layer of protection.  The elastic around the ears is a fixed length (our Sippy and Flat Front masks have adjustable elastic).

It is  washable and reusable. They are not N95 compliant, but they will help keep your germs to yourself, and help keep your hands off your face (something I am having a hard time trying to remember not to do).

Click here for washing instructions.

I try to get orders out within a week, but please be patient if it takes a little longer.

Stay well!