how it all began


The first line of Tutela had serious roots in the vintage style of the 50’s and 60’s. We were all collectors of retro vintage anything.  The textiles from that time were awesome. We used vintage barkcloth fabrics(mostly old drapes) to make these great, hard-sided handbags.  They were very labor intensive, and unique.  We discovered that people were collecting them, and hanging them up like pieces of art. This was great, but we were dismayed that they weren’t being used for their intended purpose. We then came out with our current line - something more affordable, yet still harkening to the artistic side by using unusual, modern prints.

 Cutting to order, and inviting you to pick your prints and combos insures that you have a handbag that is not carried by everyone else. You will soon learn to spot our handbags, not by exact copies, but by spotting our style.  Now you can carry around the art you love as a functional item, not just to hang on your wall.


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