the Mesh Series

Just say NOPP to plastic grocery bags!

No Ocean Plastic Pollution
The Tutela team has been thinking about how we can contribute to cleaning up our oceans. We make bags, so we have designed a collection of sturdy PVC coated vinyl mesh market bags, totes and pouches for you to use in place of the dreaded plastic shopping bag                                         
One of the ways we can make a difference is by reducing the use of single-use plastic (Single-use plastics include plastic bags, water bottles, straws, cups, utensils, dry cleaning bags, take-out containers, and any other plastic items that are used once and then discarded). We are currently trying to source mesh made from recycled plastics, but in the meantime, you've got to start somewhere.
We are also committed to contributing a percentage of sales from our Mesh Series of bags to organizations that are implementing great projects to clean up the ocean. Here's who we are giving to: The Plastic Bank, and The Ocean Cleanup.